Have you fallen victim to an energy vampire? Energy saving myths busted – and what you can REALLY do to cut your bills

  • We reveal some of the most common energy saving and wasting myths
  • Vampire energy has been found as one of the biggest culprits of energy waste 
  • This is Money looks at what you can do to cut down on your energy bills 

One of the biggest culprits of energy waste relates to ‘vampire energy’, which is where electrical appliances are plugged in but not used, according to data from energy supplier, Tonik Energy.

It found that phone chargers were the worst offenders for this, costing households up to £80 a year in unused energy, which would add up to around £6,500 over the course of a lifetime – providing no one ever comes up with a solution to this problem.

Whilst it is useful to know what is causing us to waste energy, it is also helpful to know which energy savings tips work.

Some may turn out to be myths. For example, Tonik claims that – contrary to popular opinion – it is actually better to use a dishwasher to wash up rather than clean by hand as most new appliances will use less water!

Busting myths: We reveal what you can actually do to cut down the cost of your energy bills

Steve Springett, of Tonik Energy, said: ‘We’ve all been subjected to the old wives’ tales of what does and doesn’t save energy; right back to childhood when you will likely have been told to turn off the TV in your bedroom or making sure your games console is completely shut down when not in use.

‘This research aims to give homeowners and residents a better understanding of the tangible benefits some of the more quirky energy saving tips and tricks and identify what points are simply rumours.

‘Each of the “real truths” outlined in this research can easily be incorporated into everyday life and can be used as part of the bigger battle to protect our planet and reduce bills too.’

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