Neglecting your loft is easily done, with many people simply using it as a storage spot for bits and bobs that don’t have a home.

But, by converting this space into something more functional, you can increase the value of your home.

Home improvement is on the rise, with reports showing that homeowners are moving less and extending more.

This demand for an extra room is imperative for families who can’t seem to find suitable properties that meet their budgets, and converting existing areas into more functional ones is one of the best ways to unlock this extra space.

If you’re looking to transform your loft from a place of cluttered chaos into a useable family-friendly area, you’ll need to know about the loft conversion process, as well as any permissions you’ll need to seek.

Will I need to get planning permission?

Most loft conversions won’t require you to seek planning permission as they will fall under your permitted development rights.

Amendments to your home are considered to be within your development rights if they follow the limits outlined in Schedule 2, Part 1, Class B of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

However, loft conversions that exceed the regulations laid out in the rights will need to apply for planning permission.

To submit this, you may have to pay an application fee which usually starts at around £206 and increases given the size of your property and scale of your development plans. Those living in listed buildings will be exempt from the fee.

Regardless of whether you need to seek planning permission or not, you’ll need to adhere to building regulations. This is to ensure that any building work carried out is fit for purpose and safe for your household, as well as neighbouring properties.

How much will a loft conversion cost me?

The cost of your loft conversion will depend entirely on what you plan to turn the space into. For example, a room in a room loft conversion is the simplest conversion idea and costs the least, starting at around £15,000, while any projects which involve changing the roof structure can cost you upwards of £40,000.

It’s always best to shop around and get a couple of quotes for your loft conversion before settling with one. During your search, you should find out about the materials each contractor plans to use, and get a true feel of the company before you trust them with your home, to ensure the job is done properly. When done right, you can get a great deal on your conversion which will boost the return on investment you get in the long run.

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