Nothing beats the feeling of making a home your own. From adding a greenhouse-worth of plants to our windowsills or a fresh coat of paint in the living room, everyone enjoys a sense of pride when you stamp your personality on your own place. And according to the new GoodHome Report, a major Europe-wide study of over 13,000 people into how our properties impact our wellbeing commissioned by B&Q in partnership with the Happiness Research Institute, it emerged that our homes are significantly more important to our happiness than our income or even our jobs.

However, is this true for millennials? We speak to three home improvers who certainly believe so. In B&Q’s first Home Improvement Rising Star of the Year competition, launched to celebrate the retailer’s 50th anniversary, this trio of room re-vampers worked on creating a space that represented their personal style – and showed off their practical home improvement skills.

What was your vision for the competition challenge?

I wanted to mark B&Q’s 50th anniversary and tried to incorporate 50 into space. Something or someone hitting 50 years is a massive achievement, so this space is for people to relax in and think about the past 50 years, then also think about what the future 50 years have in store. I feel the area I created was modern, tailored and clean.

What first got you into home improvement?

I bought a derelict house as I wanted a challenge! It was crazy; I had to gut the entire thing. Visually, I am OK with that, but manually, I had never done anything like it before. So, when I bought this house I was like, ‘What have I done? What have I got myself into?’ Over two years, I learned the skills as I went. I literally had no clue, so just looked at guides and videos on B&Q’s YouTube channel.

How did it feel when you completed your home renovation?

I wanted to take on the challenge and it made me feel proud to know that I’ve basically rebuilt my own house. It’s so rewarding, especially when people come round and say: “This is lovely.” I’m so proud of it – it’s my dream home and it’s somewhere I can relax and entertain, and it’s where I want to see my family grow up.

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